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Dr. SUNIL KUMAR MBBS, MD Senior Consultant Cosmetic Dermatologist Public Health Specialist Dr. Sunil Kumar is a product of Delhi University and started his career in the medical field in 1992. Having rich experience of more than 18 years in clinical as well as Aesthetic Dermatology. Having a keen interest in public health, he sees all dermatological conditions from a public health perspective, specifically diseases that cause emotional and social distress, like hyperpigmentation and vitiligo. He is also working as CHANGE AGENT and bringing change in the perception of the masses towards the existence of such diseases through his counseling skills. He is also a life coach. He is having rich experience in various Dermatosurgical procedures like, scar revision surgery, vitiligo surgery, acne scars correction surgery, and many more.

Dr. Seema BDS, MIDA (Govt. Dental College Patiala) Consultant Dental Surgeon Laser & Aesthetic Consultant. Dr. Seema is a graduate of Government Dental College Patiala. She started her career as a Dentist and gradually started to explore new horizons in the medical field. With the Advancement of Information & Technology, she kept on upgrading her skills in all aspects of smile designing. She is an excellent Smile Design Consultant having complete knowledge of Aesthetics, Nutrition, and Dentistry. She has a rich experience of more than 15 years in Aesthetic Dermatology doing treatments like Lasers, Various Peels, Fillers, Botox, Feminine rejuvenation, and Non-Invasive Breast Augmentation. 

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